Building Self Awareness Activities

Published: 27th August 2008
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Building self awareness is certainly a crucial part in personal development as by being aware of ourselves we become aware of what areas need development. So many of us puddle through life without knowing who we are and wandering why we get the results we get. Of course, I am not talking of who we are as in terms of name or social status. But I am talking about who we are in terms of our beliefs, our thoughts, our perceptions and essentially our experiences.

In order to uncover these deeper traits it is important to build self awareness activities.

It is possible that we can build self awareness activities through professional help. However, building self awareness activities does not necessarily have to be done via professionals. Nonetheless, expert help at times can be more effective because by doing it ourselves we may unconsciously be protective of ourselves and choose not to uncover those things about ourselves that may be uncomfortable.

Still, I believe that self awareness is a journey rather than a destination. And it can be a journey filled with all sorts of variety too. As we uncover our very own selves we can discover interesting things about us, frustrating things, frightening insights and so forth. The way to go about it is to be easy about it and be open as to what to expect.

Sure, there are many building self awareness activities we can take part in order to come in touch with this deeper self. So what sort of exercises are involved in building self awareness activities? They are numerous and a straight forward example which I find interesting is the illusion exercise. In this self awareness activity, a lot of illusions are shown to a group of players for them to specifically tell what they see, and the different views which emerge can be fascinating. The individuals in the group will each look at the same image, but if you ask them what they see, the answers could be miles apart!

Essentially the purpose of building self awareness activities is to find out more about ourselves. To find out how we relate to the world around us. Why we feel the way we do, what beliefs we have etc. When we take a moment to participate in building self awareness activities then we are making a worthy

investment. Because our beliefs and thoughts create our world. world. It is only when we participate in building self awareness activities that we can come face to face with who we really are, what is holding us back and what beliefs work for us.

Another simple activity of building self awareness is to simply question all your actions, thoughts, feelings, responses etc. It is essentially trying to see yourself through the eyes of the world. As you question yourself and answer the 'why' you do things the way you do you can uncover a lot of things you did not even know about yourself. For example, ask yourself, 'Why you cannot do that speech'. You will find that reason to be simply a 'belief' you hold about yourself and as you question even more you will come to realize that this belief can be changed, and that when you change the belief, actually you can do the speech!

Such is the power of building self awareness activities because they help uncover those underlying beliefs, and as we become more aware of who we are we can transcend limitations. Building self awareness activities is thus a worthwhile exercise.

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Katie on September 12, 2011 said:
This advice can make a huge difference to people's lives and how they view themselves. It can help us to get what we want out of life. Great article.

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